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The business is driven by Beth Fowler, P.E. Teacher, Exercise Professional, BTF Coach and IRONMAN Certified Coach. An ex-Professional IRONMAN athlete, competing in many IRONMAN races internationally.

The BFunctional philosophy is based on the ‘Pathway to Complete Performance‘, for every level of athlete, arrives from a balanced approach to training. The backbone of this has evolved from Beth’s education, athletic and coaching experience. This is the foundation of every BFunctional service [Performance Coaching, Swim Analysis & Coaching and Personal Training].

The coaching is delivered through Training Peaks, while implementing the key areas [endurance training, recovery, nutrition and functional strength].

The coach-athlete partnership is based on trust and a large amount of investment in time and effort on both sides. Coaching is both an art and a science. In order to achieve a ‘Pathway to Complete Performance‘ the athlete will follow the BFunctional ‘Blueprint of Training’, which involves implementing a dynamic plan that is comprised of the following key areas:

* Endurance Training
* Strength
* Recovery
* Nutrition

The details for the Performance Training package are:BF Partner Collage [White]

* All coaching is delivered through the Training Peaks software.
* Provided with a bespoke & progressive program that dovetails into your lifestyle
* Plans to include endurance training and functional strength sessions
* Benchmark tests periodically [assess current level across all disciplines]
* Weight management advice
* Race day fuelling & hydration plan
* Opportunity to affiliate to BFunctional Online Triathlon Club [unlocks discounts to the partners]

It simply takes the time to plan off your hands and delivered by a Coach that cares about your training process and race ambitions. Nothing is copied from a book, the process is driven by your goals, together with your commitments and variables on the journey!

If you’re seeking the ‘Complete Performance’ then please contact BFunctional.