USN Product Review – RTD Pure Protein

Type: Ready to Drink Pure Protein

Flavours: Strawberry and Chocolate

Function: High Protein and Low Fat recovery drink perfect for that post-training window of nutrition replenishment.

Review: Following a prolonged training session during the IM Wales Course Recce I consumed the Strawberry flavoured RTD Pure Protein Drink. Within a couple of hours I completed another training session with ease and no adverse reactions. I found it to be very palatable and convenient to grab and go between sessions.

Nutritional information (330ml):
Energy – 165Kcal
Protein – 25g
Carbohydrates – 13g
Sugars – 13g
Fat – 1.3g
Sodium – 210mg

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IM Wales Recce 2011

Pre-swim: NEWT Tri Club on tour!


South Beach, calm before the … IM on September 11th 2011!

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Top 10 finish at Ironman UK 2011

The performance, experience, atmosphere, etc exceeded my expectations. Positioned 10th overall and 4th GBR Lady..I was up there with the professionals!! I was 3rd in my age group and 2nd for the majority of the race to then be overtaken on the 2nd lap of the run (3 laps total), debilitating cramps resulted in missing out on a possible KONA slot…40sec in it! Lots of lessons learnt! Nevertheless, this event was a huge undertaking and a step-up in terms of distance/time (2.4mile swim, 112mile bike, 26.2mile run in 10hrs:34min) so for a debut the time and positions were far better than planned.  

Preparations for Ironman Wales and ITU Long Distance World Champs in Las Vegas are underway:) 

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