Greeper Laces

Greeper Laces 1

‘Greepers Ltd was founded in December 2007 with the sole aim of developing and commercialising the unique GREEPER® fastening device. GREEPER®, a patented device, can be applied to any situation where the two ends of a cord are tied together and replaces the traditional ‘bow’ knot typically used for shoe laces etc.’

I only recently converted to Greeper laces in readiness for Ironman Wales, following so many positive testimonials including 220 Best on Test Award, Summer 2013. I chose to replace my typical elastic laces in race shoes and normal laces in training shoes. The reason for using Greepers is due to the dual function i.e. the support of real laces together with quick adjustability of elastic laces needed when in transition, creating a reliable and snug fit.

The photos below while competing at IRONMAN Wales 2013 [left] and Worcester Marathon 2016 [right], demonstrating that ‘Once Applied, Always Tied’. Note, although the same colour these are not the same pair of trainers!!

IM wales 9    FullSizeRender

BFunctional is now selling BF Branded Greeper Laces to all the clients [below].  I can confidently say you will be suitably impressed.

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