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Triathlon Workout in 60min

Wise time management in triathlon training has as much to do with making wise choices about your energy as it does with your weekly plans or your annual training calendar.

I’m going to talk you through a triathlon workout in 60 minutes which is perfect if you’re pushed for time but will still maximise your energy. Fit it into your lunch hour if you can, or it will easily slot into your week – one hour is only 4% of your day after all.

Researchers from the University of Bristol found 72% of those who exercised during a work break reported improvements in time management, 79% found their mental performance boosted, and 74% said they were able to better manage their workload.

The key to improving your productivity lies in the gym...

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BFunctional launch

Introducing Bethan Fowler at BFunctional

BFunctional - Original [Black]

I constantly strive for ambitious goals, high standards and dedication, I encourage my clients to adopt the same attitude and actions! I promote the importance that physical activity plays in life through adopting a holistic approach with clients in addressing physical activitydiet and lifestyle, thereby focusing on long term health and happiness.

Sport has been an integral part of my life both professionally [P.E. teacher] and personally.  I have represented regional and national standard in Athletics, Cross Country, Hockey and Netball. I have competed in triathlon for many years reaching GB age group across a variety of distances and for the last two years competed as a Professional Ironman Triathlete on the elite circuit...

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Winter Wardrobe Tips

This is an extension to my recent article on ‘Winter Training Tips’, in which I explained how winter training needs to compliment your training in the competitive season. To ensure this process is effective what you wear during the winter is a crucial factor.

I have put together six winter wardrobe essentials for your off-season/winter training to help you be a warm, comfortable and safe triathlete.

Cycling and Running Wardrobe essentials:

  1. Winter Gloves and Socks – Ensuring the extremities are warm and dry [Recommended brands proven to work – Seal Skinz and Fusion]
  2. Waterproof, windproof and breathable Jacket – keeping the vital organs warm is a priority particularly when you pick-up speed [Recommended brand – Fusion]
  3. Tights – warm tights for running and even waterproof bib tig...
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What to buy a triathlete for Christmas!

If you’re pondering over potential gifts for friends and family, then look no further than these top gifts for those that dabble in one of the fastest growing sports – triathlon! I have put together some top suggestions, thanks to those who offered some personal suggestions also [you know who you are!].

♪♪“On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:”

  1. Bike-Fit
  2. Winter Socks & Gloves
  3. Race entry
  4. Coaching Plan
  5. Massage Balls
  6. Nordic Oil
  7. Off-road trainers
  8. 1Band ID
  9. GPS Watch
  10. Sport Earphones
  11. Turbo DVD
  12. Cranberries

……and a happy triathlete I’ll be!”♪♪

[for further ideas please see an extended version of this list on the tredz blog ]

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Selecting the ‘right’ triathlon distance for you

Triathlon participation is growing year upon year locally and globally. This is good news for participants as new races are popping up to keep up with the demand. All of which vary in difficulty and distance. Most people have heard of the renowned Ironman triathlon. The challenge of this race distance attracts many, but there are several distances for athletes of all entry points, experience, and ability levels.

The four most popular triathlon distances include:












Half Ironman








It is wise to be selective about the race distance for you based upon your strengths and goals, however in order to gain the best race experience it is important to balance a...

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