IRONMAN Weymouth 2016 rocks!

I recently competed in IRONMAN Weymouth, the inaugural event for the brand at both full and half distances. My entry was under the public radar as I only entered a week before! Not the norm but I like to constantly challenge my body & mind in extreme & unpredictable ways! This was the time & place to do it!14330953_1780528132202730_2073406194_n

With experimental training methods under the belt I was happy to produce a pleasing time of 11hours: 18min, and 7th overall. A hard graft putting the body on the line until it becomes mind over matter, that’s the soul-searching element of racing I love. I’m back with a vengeance!

Having done all the UK based IRONMAN branded events several times [excl 70.3 Staffordshire] I can confidently say that this is ranked number 1 from an athlete and spectator experience. The location of the race and all the IRONMAN infrastructure made it extremely slick, with one transition next to which was the race start, car park and amenities. The sea was clean and calm! The bike was stunning, rolling and a must do! The run was a 4.5 lap affair on flat & scenic sea front, lined with spectators. SUPERB event and highly recommend for a beginner through to an experienced triathlete. Thank you Ironman Weymouth & Ironman 70.3 Weymouth #IRONMAN

Also, thanks to my sponsors to whom I’m eternally grateful arena Triathlon & Open Water Tredz Bikes Greepers Clif Bar NIMBLEWEAR Endurance Conspiracy UK Village Hotel Club