Lynx Sports Bra [Review]

I recently tried and tested the LYNX Sports Bra while completing a 30km trail run, the conclusions from which are as follows:

The LYNX product facts:

A team of experts has unveiled the Lynx Sports Bra, suitable for sizes up to 52 K. Thanks to a patented design, they claim your bust remains bounce free throughout even the most high impact workout session.

LYNX Sports Bra


PERSONAL Measurement -There is a specific and logical measurement system which caters for women up to size 52K! Simply measure your ribcage and full bust-size, with which I found my Lynx style and size using the clear Lynx size chart. The options are impressive and extensive. With such tailored sizing there are obvious benefits which I discovered on wearing for its maiden and testing training session incorporating running over 30km on trails, canal paths and all at pace, with some rain and sun thrown in for good measure!

BOUNCE FREE BOOBS! – As soon as I slipped this on it felt snug and comfortable, thereafter throughout the run there were no warning signs i.e. chaffing or lack of support!

ABSOLUTELY ZERO CHAFFING – Normally over this length of time I suffer from soreness the location and severity of which depends upon the brand, duration, temperature and climate. Given that I tested this over a long period and at high impact, together with changeable weather conditions I can confidently say it was like a second-skin! No pinch or raw points! Testament to the comprehensive sizing system.

BREATHABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT – as mentioned no matter what the conditions this coped, even post-run it was comfortable regardless of sweat and normally uncomfortable feeling!

HR STRAP Support – The bra support is supplied through the sides and not the straps or band underneath your breasts. While wearing the HR strap it conveniently sat above the strap and didn’t interfere with the position of reading.

IDEAL FOR TRIATHLETES – I would normally steer clear of clasps at the back of all sports bras for fear of soreness, however this was not an issue whatsoever as it was easy to slip overhead with clasp closed and again no chaffing on the back!  Available in three colours to match that much-loved trisuit! In a nutshell it’s fast drying, breathable and lightweight. Prices start at RRP £45 and is worth it for the BOUNCE FREE BOOB REVOLUTION!!!

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